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Hey guys!

I'm really sorry I haven't updated recently! Life has been throwing me some pretty hard curve-balls, and I've been struggling not to strike out.

I can't say when I'll be able to update again, but I'll try to make it as soon as possible!

Thanks for understandin, y'all.


Arahaelienarn </i></u>

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Röse MacDönnell of Buckland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

My name is Arahaelienarn.

But you may call me Röse.

I am a member of the race of Elves. These Elves inhabit various parts of Middle Earth. Please feel free to message me at any time.

Your name is ARAHAELIENARN, and you are an AUTHOR, ARTIST, SINGER, and MANY OTHER THINGS . You write stories of the ROMANTIC and ACTION persuasion, along with DEEP, DARK, DEPRESSING POEMS. You have a variety of interests, but have a nearly UNHEALTHY OBSESSION with NEARLY EVERY GOG-FORSAKEN THING YOU ENCOUNTER. This includes, but is not limited to: SHERLOCK, HOMESTUCK, LORD OF THE RINGS, and HARRY POTTER. You openly confess to having obssesions, and all of your friends agree without question. Your patron troll is FEFERI PEIXES, but your horoscope dictates that it is the quadratically challenged ERIDAN AMPORA. You are perfectly fine with the former, but would prefer to replace the latter with KARKAT VANTAS or GAMZEE MAKARA, as you find both of them quite interesting. You would love to cosplay as BRO STRIDER someday, and you dream of meeting up with a lone DAVE STRIDER at a convention and becoming friends with them. You can be quite RAMBUNCTIOUS and have patience issues, and thus identify alot with TEREZI PYROPE. You are also very playful and kind, however, and believe you identify quite a bit with NEPETA LEIJON as well. You are fairly good at RUNNING, and SWIMMING, but not much else in the ATHLETICS category. You consider yourself more of a writer, and thus stay locked in your room with your trusty PENCIL and NOTEBOOK, writing at all hours of the day.

(Credit to :icongog-dammit-karkat: for the template)
(Credit to :icondafuzzydude1: for the names Arahaelienarn and Röse MacDönnell, used with permission)

* Heh hey, guys! Ara here! Welcome to my immensely mixed up profile! Heh heh! Nice ta meet ya! :03 Of course, my name is not Arahalienarn, but you can call me either that, Ara, or Rose! I love to RP, so don't be afraid to message me about it! This is my combination Story/RP account, so you can expect to be seeing stories from me as well as OC profiles! ^_^

Have adorable-ness that I did not draw.…




ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight


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Do I know you though? Just curious
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I don't think so, I just found you through my friend CoralJay and liked your name. XD
princeofallsofas Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
Oh, Ok lol

Nice to meet you then.
Arahaelienarn Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Nice to meet you, too!
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